• Quality Products

    The high quality of SPSB Premix products is due to our strict application of quality assurance system applied to production, purchasing, distribution, sales and administrative processes throughout the company. We pride ourselves on quality and service that is above and beyond our customer expectations.

  • Efficient Delivery

    Our plant coverage allows us to deliver high-quality Premix products to virtually any location within the Southern Region of Johor. Providing what the customer wants and in time is what we call quality through expert management and is the key to a successful SPSB operation.

  • Outstanding Service

    At SPSB we hold strong relationships with our customers for delivering on our promise. Having a diverse customer base from small to large organisations, these customers choose SPSB because we are committed to providing consistent quality products, timely delivery and an outstanding service, every time.

The core business of Southern Premix Sdn Bhd (SPSB) is to PRODUCE & SUPPLY QUARRY PRODUCTS for Southern Region Infra & Roads Construction Industries.


Contact our sales staff to discuss your requirements and to arrange for a quote.


We produce Premix mixes to suit almost any application required by our customers.


SPSB has extensive delivery capabilities with trucks of various sizes which allow us to deliver to areas of varying difficulty.

Our Clients

We have long-standing relationships with clients across Malaysia in a wide variety of industries.